Draft standards open for comments

The following standards are open for comments. This overview includes international, European, and national standards.

You can submit your comments in two ways:

  • For European standards, you can fill out a form on NEN Connect.
  • For national standards, you can submit comments via normontwerpen.nen.nl.

Standards available for comments

13 Environment. Health Protection. Safety

91 Construction Materials And Building

In three steps

Before you can provide commenst via NEN Connect you will need to be logged in.

free account is also sufficient for this. This is valid indefinitely.

  1. Click on the standard of your choice or search for it in NEN Connect after you have logged in.
  2. Read the PDF of the standard (also possible with a free account)
  3. Fill in the form on the "Summary" tab. Vul het formulier in op het tabblad "Samenvatting". You can fill it in as many times as you need.

Note: The account details for normontwerpen.nen.nl and NEN Connect are separate. You cannot log in to the other account with one account. Apologies for the inconvenience.