NEN 7200:2017/Ontw. A1:2024 nl

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Publication date 2024-05-01
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Plastics pipelines for the transport of gas, drinking water and waste water - Buttwelding of PE pipes and PEĀ fittings
NEN 7200 gives specifications for the production and the assessment of buttwelded joints in pipes and fittings of polyethylene (PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100) as well as requirements for welding equipment and the traceability. This standard is applicable to welding equipment for the production of buttwelded joints and to buttwelded joints in pipes and fittings of polyethylene with a melt mass-flow rate between 0,3 g/10 min and 1,7 g/10 min in pipelines for natural gas.
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NEN 7200:2017/Ontw. A1:2024 nl
Draft standard
NEN 7200:2017 nl
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23.040.45 Plastics Fittings * 23.040.20 Plastics Pipes * 91.140.40 Gas Supply Systems * 91.140.60 Water Supply Systems
Natural gas - Sewage - Pipes - Potable water - Gas pipelines - Pipe fittings - Plastic pipes - Plastics - Plastic pipelines - Welding - Pipelines - Polyethylene - Butt-welding - Pipe couplings - Water - Pipe connections - Water pipes

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