Search in NEN Connect

You can search for documents from any page within NEN Connect.

If you click on the search icon in the upper right corner, the search box will appear. You can close the search box by clicking again. By default, the system searches by standard number, title, summary, additional information and the full text of the standards.

With the help of the search filters you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Exact search

By clicking on 'Exact search' you can perform a search by document number, ICS code, standards committee or technical committee only.

If you move your mouse over the ICS code, you can click on the overview of ICS codesa nd the standards per code (you must be logged in for this link). ICS (International Classification for Standards) is a classification system to classify standards by subject.

Advanced search

The following table shows the various options for advanced search, with examples.




Search results

For more than one word

You can search for more than one word by entering all words in the search field. The search result will then contain standards in which all these words occur. You can also use AND

oil gas oil AND gas

All standards in which both the word 'oil' and the word 'gas' occur. XX

For a phrase

You can search for a phrase by placing it in double quotes.

“oil and gas”

All standards in which the phrase ‘oil and gas’ occurs.

For one of the keywords

If you want a search result with one word or the other, use OR between the keywords. You can also use the symbol || instead of OR.

oil OR gas oil || gas

All standards in which the word 'oil' and/or 'gas' occur.

Without a keyword

If you want a search result that does not contain a certain word, use NOT. Instead of NOT, you can also use the symbol ! or + and –.

oil NOT gas oil !gas +oil –gas

All standards in which the word 'oil' but not the word 'gas' occurs.

With a grouping in the search

You can create a grouping within your search by using ( ).

(oil OR gas) AND pipe

Standards with e.g. 'oil' and 'pipe' or 'gas' and 'pipe'. Standards with words as ‘gasified bitumen pipe’ are not found.

With a wildcard

You can use wildcards in your search: ? for one character and * for one or more characters.

pip? pip*

Standards with e.g. pipe, pipes and pipeline. XXX


The search engine can also give results with spelling variants (fuzzy search). To do so, place the symbol ~ behind a keyword.


Standards with e.g. ‘led’, ‘res’ or ‘derail’ but also ‘red’.