Help with searching

You can search for documents from any page within NEN Connect.

If you click on the search icon in the upper right corner, the search box will appear. You can close the search box by clicking again. By default, the system searches by standard number, title, summary, additional information and the full text of the standards.

With the help of the search filters you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Search for standards in laws and regulations or in your own collections

With the search bar you can choose to search in all standards, in your own collection, in the freely available standards and in the laws & regulations (see the Law & Regulations module).

Exact search

By clicking on 'Everything' you can perform an exact search on document number, ICS code, standards committee or technical committee only.

If you move your mouse over the ICS code, you can click on the overview of ICS codes and the standards per code (you must be logged in for this link). ICS (International Classification for Standards) is a classification system to classify standards by subject.

Search in laws & regulations

If you search in laws and regulation you can search:

  • Based on the title of a law, decree or regulation
  • Based on the standard document number

Advanced search

The following table shows the various options for advanced search, with examples.

For more than one word

When searching for more than one term, specify all words in the search field and it will retrieve records containing all of the specified terms. You can also use the AND operator.

oil gas
oil AND gas

All standards that contain both words ‘oil’ and ‘gas’. It does not finds words like ‘gasoil’

For exact phrase

Searching for an exact phrase can be done by using double quotes.

“oil platform”

All standards that contain the phrase ‘oil platform’.

For one of the keywords

If you want results with one or another term, use OR between the terms. Instead of OR, you can use the symbol ||.

oil OR gas
oil || gas

All standards that contain the word ‘oil’ and/or ‘gas’.

Without a keyword

If you want results without a term, use NOT.Instead of NOT, you can use also use the symbol ! or + and -.

oil NOT gas
oil !gas
+oil –gas

All standards that contain the word ‘oil’, but not the word ‘gas’.

With a grouping in the query

You can group clauses to form sub queries by using ( ).

(oil OR gas)
AND pipe

Standards with e.g. ‘oil’ as well as ‘pipe’ in it or ‘gas’ as well as ‘pipe’. It does not find standards with e.g. ‘gasoilpipe’ or ‘gasified bitumen pipe’.

With a wildcard

You can use wildcards in single search terms: ? for a single character * for one or more characters.


Standards with pit, pir etc.
Standards with pit, pits, pitty, etc.


The search engine supports fuzzy searches based on the Levenshtein Distance, or Edit Distance algorithm. To do a fuzzy search use symbol ~ at the end of a term.


Finds standards with e.g. ‘room’, ‘roof’ or ‘foam’, but also ‘roam’.