Managing licences

As an administrator, you can view and change your company's licenses.

Under "My company > Licenses" you can see which licenses you have within NEN Connect. Clicking on the name of a license will take you to the license details.

What you can do in NEN Connect depends on your organization’s licenses.
A license contains parameters about the number of users within your organization and the number of standards. Depending on the license, other parameters may also be determined, such as the number of MB to be uploaded (for a Company collections license), the number of locations (for an ASTM standards license) or the number of simultaneous users (for a SAI license).

Collections are a compilation of standards to which users within your organization have access. Read more under Types of collections.

Do you want the version of Dutch accepted standards without the NEN cover page (e.g. ISO 9001 instead of NEN-EN-ISO 9001)? This is possible via a special license within NEN Connect. Without this license you can only add the Dutch accepted ISO to your collection.

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Mijn Bedrijf_Licenties overzicht

You will see the license name, including the license code (which you can use in your communication with NEN), the number of users per license, and the usage per part of the license:

  • The number of standards or documents added to the total number.
    In the example, 173 standards have been added to the download collection and a maximum of 199 can be added.
  • The number of deleted standards of the total number to be deleted.
    In the example, 11 standards have been deleted from the download collection and a maximum of 20 can be deleted free of charge each year.
  • The use of a license for a standard package is not shown, because packages are automatically maintained by NEN.
  • The use of a license for a Plus range is not shown, because adding standards must always be done in consultation with NEN.
    The example shows 3 standards in this license.