Adding a user manually

Go to "My company > Users" and click on "Add user". 

  • The button will only be displayed if a domain has been entered under "My company > General".
  • An added user does not necessarily receive access to your licences. This depends on the settings of each license.

Enter the following information:

  • Role*: User, Expert or Company Administrator
  • Email address: This needs to be the business address, with (one of) the same domain as that of your organization
  • First name
  • Preposition
  • Surname*
  • Telephone number
  • Country: The country is of importance when your company has a license to standards from our Plus Assortment.
  • Blocked: In case this box has been selected the user cannot log in to NEN Connect
  • Add license: Select, if needed, one of the licenses you want the user to have access to. After you have clicked on "Save user" you can add more licenses.
  • Tag: If you are using a tag for your organization you can select a value.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

On the detail page of the user you can see the status of the registration process. If a registration had not been completed on time you can resend the registration email with the button on the top-right corner.