Adding users

As an administrator, you decide how your colleagues will be added to your company. There are several ways to do this. Please contact us if you want to change the settings.

Please note: adding users does not mean that they have immediate access to the standards in your company licenses.

Register yourself or add manually

Go to “My company > General” at the bottom of the page and select the option "Allow self-registration".

  • Users register themselves If this option is checked, ask your colleagues to go to to register themselves with their business email address. Based on their domain name, they are automatically linked to your company account.
  • Add manually If this option is not checked, go to "My company > User" and fill in the details of your colleagues. They will receive an email to complete their registration.

Via a company link

Working with NEN Connect within your organization becomes even easier and simpler by opting for a company link. A company link between NEN Connect and your company network guarantees all your employees automatic access to NEN Connect. As soon as they are logged in to your own servers, they have personal access right away. As an administrator, you can decide who within your organization has access to which standards and/or collections. The company link is via SAML 2.0, also known as SSO (single sign-on). 


  • Give one of your colleagues the role of administrator as well, for example during your holiday.
  • This information can also be found in this useful infographic (PDF, in Dutch) that you can share with your users.