Log in via your corporate network with a single sign-on (SSO) link

Let your colleagues automatically log in to NEN Connect

NEN Connect has an option to log in via your corporate network (SSO link). With this option users can log in with their own company account to access your company account in NEN Connect. Using this they no longer need to create a separate login for NEN Connect. 

How does it work?

Your IT department sets up the SSO link on your side. We do the same on the NEN Connect side. Documentation is available to help your IT department set this up technically. When this has been done, your company network and NEN Connect can exchange data, safely,  about users. The SSO link is ready for use.

You will need to register via your corporate network at least once. This way, the corporate network verifies that the user is indeed allowed to access NEN Connect. The user will then be registered in NEN Connect as an authorized user of your company.

This is how you log in via SSO

  • One-time registration

    It is necessary to register via the special SSO company link first. You will receive this link from the company administrator or you may find it via your company's intranet. If you follow this link you will be directed to a log in page from your company to access your company network (usually your e-mail address and password).

  • Logging in

    After this one-time registration you will be logged in automatically. A NEN Connect account has now been created for you which is linked to your e-mail address. Usually, you will automatically be logged in to NEN Connect when your laptop is connected to the company network. In case you are logged out, go to www.nenconnect.nl and click on log in. Enter your e-mail address. If this is a known SSO e-mail address the "Log in via the company network" button will appear. Click on the button and log in.

    If the button does not appear, you must first register via the SSO company link.


Would you like to know more about setting up SSO for your colleages? Please feel free to contact us or your personal account manager for more information. 

"Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication solution that allows users to log in to multiple applications and websites with one-time user authentication."

Also on the free NEN Connect app

Once you have completed the registration on desktop you can use the same details to also log in to the free NEN Connect app.