Laws and Regulations module

Linked to standards 

In cooperation with KOOP, NEN has established a link between /, and NEN Connect. 

This link is available through the new module. Standards (from the Core assortment) referred to in laws and regulations will receive a notification of this on the standards detail page in NEN Connect, but also vice versa laws and regulations will receive a reference to the standards on NEN Connect. 

  • If a reference is made undated, the link is made to the most current version of the standard. 
  • If a reference is dated, a link is made to this specific version of the standard.

In this way, users are better informed about the status of a standard, even if it has been withdrawn. After all, standards with the status "withdrawn" may still be appropriate in legislation.

LiDO -

The LiDO pages show the correlation between government information and laws and regulations. This makes it possible to find government information more quickly and to gain quick insight into the connections between national and European regulations, decisions made by Dutch and European courts, parliamentary documents and official announcements.

Which standards are referenced?

With the help of the hammer-icon in the search results and standard overview page you can easily identify which standards from the Core assortment are referenced in the law and regulations.

NEN Connect_icon_hamer_wetgeving