Comments on standards

It is possible to add comments/notes to standards. The administrator can check whether a comment is visible to everyone or only to himself. Are you a user and are you posting a comment? You are the only one who can see it.

See below how you can easily add comments to your standards.

Step 1

To place a comment, go to the information page of a standard and click on the 'Comments' tab. Then click on ‘Add comment'.

Step 2

You can format the text using the basic functions (bold, italic, underline, unnumbered and numbered enumerations) and add links. You can also specify whether the comment is only visible to you or to everyone (this is only possible as an administrator).

Step 3

The comments are saved on the 'Comments' tab. The number after Comments  indicates how many comments have been placed. You can edit or delete the comments there. 

Visible in search results

In the search results, the icon indicates that a comment has been placed on a standard.