Release notes October 2020 (II)

To make managing and working with NEN Connect easier we have rolled out a new release. Apart from several buxfixes, we have implemented several improvements in NEN Connect.

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Improved display & descriptions of Reports

 + New report added

To give the administrator optimal insight into the use of NEN Connect, not only have we added a new report, but also improved the display of the reports.

With a total of 7 reports, we have now looked at how we can best display them. We also went through the descriptions again to make sure administrators know exactly what report they need.

  • New: Standards per licentie
    The new report provides an overview of all the standards you currently have in your license. This applies to both download and notification collections. For the new report you can also subscribe to receive it automatically every week, month or quarter.
NEN Connect reports overview

Redline, legislation, company favorites will be displayed if present in other versions

If you perform a search in NEN Connect, you will only see the most recent standards in the overview. If there are one or more standards, among the other versions, with a Redline, are marked as a company or personal favorite or are referred to in Law & Regulations this will be collected and shown next to "Other versions" in the search results.

Improved display of replaced standards

On the standard detail page it is now clearly visible if a withdrawn standard has been (partly) replaced by another standard.

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The NEN Connect team