Choose smart standards management

It is an ongoing process for a company to keep up with the changes in your market. By applying standards, you can prove that your product or service meets the agreements regarding quality, sustainability, safety and reliability.

Work smarter and easily keep your assortment of national & international standards up to date with NEN Connect!

  • Choose aStandard package

    Multiple standard packages for specific sectors. Compiled for you by experts.

  • Create yourCustom collection

    You decide exactly which standards you want. Very flexible and easy to adjust.

  • Always access toFree assortment

    You alway have full access to the freely available standards with or without a subscription

Frequently asked questions

  • The duration of a subscription

    Free registration on NEN Connect is valid indefinitely. A subscription is valid for a period of 3 years. With the exception of some standards from the Plus assortment.

  • The number of users in your susbcription

    Free registration is limited to one person. For both Custom and Standard, the number of users depends on the contract conditions.

  • Full insight in the usage & changes

    There are automatic reports for recent changes, the number of downloads, the number of downloads per user, norm requests and the number of log-ins per user. These are available for Custom and Standard. These reports can be send automatically every week, month or quarter via email.

  • Everyone in one place, including your company documents

    Business documents are your company’s documents, which you can also make available to all your colleagues via NEN Connect. This can be the document itself or a link to it. This way, you and your colleagues have all the information in one place.

  • Always have your standards available with the free NEN Connect app

    The NEN Connect app (iOS and Android) is free and available to any user with a personal username and password. More information

  • What is the difference between Custom and Standard?

    The difference between Custom and Standard is not about functionality but about the selection of standards that you have at your disposal. Custom gives you the choice from our full assortment. You can add, remove or exchange specific standards yourself. Standard limits you to a specific number of standards from the package. You cannot add or remove standards.

  • One person can manage all subscriptions

    Yes, NEN Connect makes it possible for one person to manage all subscriptions with ease. Regardless of the number of users, standards or locations (also international).  

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