Release notes June 2021

To make managing and working with NEN Connect easier we have rolled out a new release. Apart from several buxfixes, we have implemented several improvements in NEN Connect.

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The highlights: 

+ Easily hide withdrawn document in the search results

It has now become even easier to find only the actual documents of standards by means of a new filter on the search page. This can be found at the top of the search results and can be turned on or off with one click. As a result, all standards are still shown, but only the actual documents can be seen per standard.

NEN Connect - search result_toggle actuele documenten_on and off_EN

+ Various improvements to notes in the HTML version

In one glance you can see where and how many notes from colleagues and yourself are in the HTML. At the paragraph you can see how many there are in total.

Don't want to see notes from colleagues? You can easily hide it by clicking on the note icon on the right.

How can we improve NEN Connect even further?

We would love to hear from you how we can further develop NEN Connect.

With kind regards,
The NEN Connect team