Adding notes to paragraphs in HTML

Increase the value of your standards even more by adding notes from yourself or your colleagues. Whether you are a Company admin, Expert or User, everyone can add notes. Either for you privately or for the entire organization.

Navigating between notes

In the top right corner, underneath the search option, you can navigate between the notes in the entire document. 

Privately or shared

You decide who can see you notes. They are either private or you can share them with your colleagues. You can also choose to show or hide notes while reading the HTML.

NEN Connect_Notes in HTML_Navigation

How to add a note

Adding a note is very simple. Behind the title of each chapter or paragraph a green icon is visible. If notes have already been added this will be displayed in the same icon. 

Click on the green icoon and you will be directed to the end of the chapter/paragraph.

Here you can:

  • Add a note.
  • Read notes from your colleagues.
  • Edit your note.
    You can easily identify your own notes. Your name will be higlighted with a blue font.
NEN Connect_Notes in HTML