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Publication date 2024-05-01
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Child care articles - Cutlery and feeding utensils - Safety requirements and tests
This document specifies safety requirements relating to the materials, construction, performance, packaging and labelling of cutlery and feeding utensils. All products which are intended to be used by a child aged up to 48 months to eat by itself or with the assistance of another person are included in the scope of this document. This includes products which have a different primary function, but have a secondary function intended to allow a child to use the product to eat by itself or with the assistance of another person.This document does not apply to pre-prepared food containers, to containers intended for storage only, or to cutlery and feeding utensils designed for specialist medical applications or for use under medical supervision (see B.1).This document does not apply to single-use cutlery and feeding utensils.This document includes test methods for the mechanical and chemical requirements specified and requirements relating to the product information.This document is not applicable to drinking equipment (feeding bottles, teats, spouts, and cups) which is covered by EN 14350:2020+A1:2023.
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97.190 Equipment For Children
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prEN 14372:2024, IDT
Children - Infants - Safety specifications - Flatware - Forks (cutlery) - Table knives - Spoons - Testing - Toddlers

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