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Publication date 2024-05-01
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Aerospace series - Programme management - Guide to dependability and safety control
The success of a programme depends on optimizing the compromise between the expected technical and operational performance of the products, the cost of these products and the lead-time to realize them.In this context, products dependability and safety control is a key activity which cannot be separated from other product performance control or programme management. This document is thus one of the documents supporting EN 9200 concerning the programme management specification. The purpose of this document is to provide customers and their suppliers with a document specifying the notions of “construction” and “management” of product dependability and safety (RAMS). It offers programme directors and project managers information likely to help them: - determine the tasks to be performed and the application procedures, according to the specific nature of the programme and its goals; - define and implement the provisions necessary for performing these tasks; - within programme execution, situate the various tasks involved in constructing and managing the RAMS of a product. This document applies to all programmes that involve customer/supplier relation. RAMS management concerns not only all the products covered by these programmes, but also the components of these products and the production and support resources and processes to be implemented. The provisions of this document can be negotiated at all levels between the parties directly concerned by a given programme. This implies, on the part of the ordering parties, that each lower level is provided with the information needed to perform the tasks and meet the specified targets. This also implies, on the part of suppliers, an escalation of information pertaining to the RAMS results of the products for which they are responsible. This document is mainly concerned with the technical aspects, aspects of a legislative (in particular safety at work and regulatory conformity) and confidential nature are not dealt with in this document.
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