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Publication date 2024-03-01
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Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures - Part 4: Silos and tanks
EN 1991-4 provides guidance for calculating actions for the structural design of silos and tanks. EN 1991-4 includes some provisions for actions on silo and tank structures that are not only associated with the stored solids or liquids (e.g. the effects of thermal differentials) but substantially affected by them. EN 1991-4 is intended for use with concrete, steel, aluminium, timber and FRP storage structures. EN 1991-4 may be used for the structural assessment of existing construction, in developing the design of repairs and alterations or for assessing changes of use.
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CEN/TC 250
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91.040.01 Buildings In General * 91.010.30 Technical Aspects
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prEN 1991-4:2024, IDT
Architectural design - Technical regulations - Construction - Structures - Buildings - Eurocodes - Compression loading - Design - Building specifications - Silos - Tanks (containers) - Civil engineering - Concrete structures - Construction worksRiveted structures - Welded structures

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