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Publication date 2023-11-01
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Gaseous hydrogen - Cylinders and tubes for stationary storage
This document specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of cylinders, tubes and other pressure vessels of steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys or of non-metallic construction material. These are intended for the stationary storage of gaseous hydrogen of up to a maximum water capacity of 10 000 l and a maximum allowable working pressure not exceeding 1 100 bar, of seamless metallic construction (Type 1) or of composite construction (Types 2, 3 and 4), hereafter referred to as pressure vessels. This document is not applicable to Type 2 and 3 vessels with welded liners.This document is not applicable to pressure vessels used for solid, liquid hydrogen or hybrid cryogenic-high pressure hydrogen storage applications.This document is not applicable to external piping which can be designed according to recognized standards.
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23.020.30 Pressure Vessels * 71.100.20 Gases For Industrial Application
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prEN 17533:2023, IDT
Energy storage - Liquids - Pressure vessels - Chemical technology - Chemical industry - Gases - Chemicals

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