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Publication date 2023-11-01
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Water supply - Requirements for systems and components outside buildings
This document specifies:- general requirements for water supply systems outside buildings including potable water mains and service pipes, service reservoirs, other facilities and raw water mains but excluding treatment works and water resources development; - general requirements for components; - general requirements for inclusion in product standards which may include specifications which are more stringent; - requirements for installation, site testing and commissioning. The requirements of this document apply to: - the design and construction of new water supply systems; - the extension of significant areas forming a coherent part of an existing water supply system; - significant modification and/or rehabilitation of existing water supply systems; - all those water infrastructure systems since they are key to meet the sustainable goals of the cities and to show the urgent need to invest in them in order to consider fundamental aspects, such as resilience or mitigation/adaptation to climate change.
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NEN-EN 805:2000 en
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NEN-EN 805:2023 2e Ontw. en
Draft standard
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CEN/TC 164
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93.025 External Water Conveyance Systems
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prEN 805:2023, IDT
Civil engineering - Pipes - Water - Water mains - Water supply - Distribution - Outdoors - Water pipes

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