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Publication date 2023-05-01
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Railway applications - Testing and simulation for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles - Running safety under longitudinal compressive forces
This document defines the assessment of endurable longitudinal compressive forces (LCF) of a vehicle. The endurable longitudinal compressive force is a parameter depending on the vehicle design. It is used to estimate the risk of derailment as a result of being subjected to these forces, under operating conditions. This document applies to the following types of vehicles: - single wagons; - permanently coupled units with side buffers and screw couplers between the vehicles; - permanently coupled units with diagonal buffers with screw couplers between the vehicles; - permanently coupled units with a bar coupler between the vehicles; - articulated units with three 2-axle bogies; - wagons with 3-axle bogies; low-floor wagons with eight or more axles (e.g. rolling road wagon); - vehicles with central couplers; - on-track machines (OTM) as defined in EN 14033-1:2017. The following vehicles are not in the scope of this document: - articulated wagons with more than three 2-axle bogies; - locomotives and passenger rolling stocks; - vehicles that are only operated in passenger trains. Acceptance criteria and test conditions as well as conditions for simulation and test dispensation are defined in this document. This document applies principally to vehicles which operate without restrictions on standard gauge tracks in Europe (1 435 mm).
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CEN/TC 256
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45.060.20 Trailing Stock
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prEN 15839:2023, IDT
Railways - Railway equipment - Railway vehicles - Freight wagons - Freight transport - Safety - Transportation safety - Acceptance - Running behaviour - Properties

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