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Publication date 2023-05-01
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Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Semantic Modelling and Linking (SML), Part 2: Domain-specific modelling patterns
This part 2 will provide extended semantic modelling patterns for (at least) the following domain-specific asset aspects: - Support for distinction between two subtypes of physical objects: spatial regions and real (“tangible”) objects; the latter being discrete or continuous (“bulk matter”); - Support for the materialization of physical objects, adding generic chemistry aspects directly relevant for the built environment dealing with materials like concrete, steel, wood and asphalt; - Support for the interaction between objects including connections, interfaces and ports. Interactions being defined as activities where material, information, energy or forces are transferred; - Support for the definition of unstructured, human -interpretable, requirements, coming from appointing party needs, laws & regulations or sector recommendations; - Support for implicit groups having no explicit members (to model situations like “all main girders of some steel bridge”); - Support for the explicit modelling of measurements reusing the existing W3C SOSA ontology (as a lightweight but self-contained SSN core ontology). - Support for spatial geometry (location/shape) reusing OGC GeoSPARQL (GML/WKT) and the WGS84_pos ontology (GPS)
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CEN/TC 442
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91.010.01 Construction Industry In General * 11  * 35.240.67 IT Applications In Building And Construction Industry
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prEN 17632-2:2023, IDT
Information technology - Architectural design - Health services

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