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Publication date 2023-05-01
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Influence of cementitious products on water intended for human consumption - Test methods - Part 2: Influence of migration from siteapplied cementitious products and associated noncementitious products on the organoleptic parameters
This document specifies a method to determine the influence of site-applied cement based materials and associated non-cement based products/materials (including pre-packaged mortars) on the odour, flavour, colour, turbidity and total organic carbon (TOC) of test waters after contact with the products. This document is applicable to site-applied or site-formed cement based materials intended to be used for the transport and storage of water intended for human consumption, including raw water used for the production of drinking water. It is also applicable to individual constituents of cement based products/materials and to associated non-cement based products/materials. Site-applied or site-formed cement based materials which cannot be cast as cubes or prisms e.g. some spray applied systems, should be tested as factory made cement based products according to EN 14944-1.
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CEN/TC 164
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67.250 Materials And Articles In Contact With Foodstuffs * 13.060.20 Drinking Water
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prEN 14944-2:2023, IDT
Water - Water quality - Potable water - Sulphate-resisting cement - Materials - Water pipes

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