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Publication date 2023-05-01
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Maintenance - Energies and fluids risks control process for maintenance tasks - Guidance
This document provides users with guidance that help prevent risks related to energies during maintenance activities on plants when in use. It is up to each employer, according to the terms commonly used in the company, to: - Set out the correlation between the processes described in this document and standard practices; - Define the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the energy lockout process. This document refers to concepts, definitions, rules, recommendations and best practices taken from national and international documents (lockout/tagout- “administrative lockout” - Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) - Safe isolation) that cover activities to ensure the safety of worker as regards energies. This document deals with the prevention of energies and fluids (powders, gases, liquids) related risks; it is noted that some are covered by specific regulations or standards, such as the electrical risk. Environmental issues related to energies and fluids are not in the scope of this document. The recommendations stated in this document have been drawn up with a view to ensure the safety and health of workers around hazardous energies and fluids, and situations when they are conducting activities on maintenance, settings, changing formats, regardless of the type of activity. The recommendations relate to activities carried out on items. They are applied before, during and after the operation to: - The energies supplied, contained, transported or released by plants, products and fluids; - Risks of lack of presence of vital elements for the worker (breathable air); - Risks related to the presence of hazardous fluids for the worker and the surrounding personal. This document is a methodological guideline within the normative maintenance corpus.
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CEN/TC 319
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03.080.10 Maintenance Services. Facilities Management * 13.100 Occupational Safety. Industrial Hygiene
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prEN 17975:2023, IDT
Services - Facility management - Safety - Ecological maintenance - Safety systems

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