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Withdrawn standard
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Publication date 1995-08-01
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This document is withdrawn and replaced by:
Personel eye-protection - Specifications
Applies to all types of personal eye-protectors used against various hazards, as encountered in industry, laboratories, educational establishments, DIY activities, etc. which are likely to damage the eye or impair vision, with the exception of nuclear radiation, X-rays, laser beams and low temperature infra-red (R) radiation emitted by low temperature sources. The requirements of this standard do not apply to eye-protectors for which separate and complete standards exist, such as laser eye-protectors, sunglasses for general use, etc unless such standards make specific reference to this standard.
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13.340.20 Head Protective Equipment
Related to
EN 166:1995, IDT
Occupational safety - Spectacles (eyeclasses) - Head (anatomy) - Eye protectors - Personal protective equipment - Specifications - Safety - Safety spectacles - Safety glass - Safety systems

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