NEN-EN 466:1995 en

Withdrawn standard
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Publication date 1995-04-01
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Chemical protective clothing - Protection against liquid chemicals - Performance requirements for chemical protective clothing with liquid tight-connections between different parts of the clothing (Type 3 Equipment)
Specifies the minimum requirements for liquid-tight chemical protective clothing with liquid-tight connections between different parts of the clothing, and to gloves and boots to protect the wearer against liquid chamicals. It specifies the performance requirements both for the materials of construction of the protective clothing and for the garment as a whole. The performance requirements of the garment as a whole including component parts, such as gloves, boots and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) etc., that are integral to the garment are given in clauses 5 and 6.
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NEN-EN 466:1995 en
Withdrawn standard
NEN-EN 466:1995/A1:1998 en
Withdrawn standard
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NEN-EN 14605:2005 en
Withdrawn standard
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13.340.10 Protective Clothing
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EN 466:1995, IDT
Aerosols - Occupational safety - Protective clothing - Chemicals - Clothing - Personal protective equipment - Performance - Textiles - Textile testing - Cloth - Safety - Safety specifications - Liquids - Waterproof clothing - Safety systems

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