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Publication date 2014-06-01
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Anaesthetic and respiratory equipment - Dimensions of non-interchangeable screw-threaded (NIST) low-pressure connectors for medical gases
NEN-EN-ISO 18082 specifies the dimensions and the allocation of non-interchangeable screwthreaded (NIST) connectors intended to be used at nominal operating pressures not greater than 1 400 kPa, and for vacuum between 90 kPa subatmospheric and 500 kPa positive pressure. This International Standard specifies NIST-connectors intended for use with the following medical gases: - oxygen, - nitrous oxide, - medical air, - helium, - carbon dioxide, - xenon, - specified mixtures of the gases listed above, - oxygen-enriched air, - air for driving surgical tools, - nitrogen for driving surgical tools, and for use with vacuum. The information to be supplied by the manufacturer is excluded from the scope of this International Standard because information about the use of NIST connectors is supplied by the manufacturer of each medical device to which the connectors are permanently fitted.

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CEN/TC 215
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11.040.10 Anaesthetic, Respiratory And Reanimation Equipment
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ISO 18082:2014 en, IDT * EN ISO 18082:2014, IDT
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