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Withdrawn standard
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Publication date 1995-06-01
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Eurocode 1: Basis of design and actions on structures - Part 2-4 - Actions on structures - Wind actions
This part gives rules and methods for calculating wind loads on building structures up to a height of 200 m, their components and appendages. Wind loads shall be calculated for each of the loaded areas under consideration. These may be: - the whole structure, -part of the structure, i.e. components, cladding units and their fixings. This part also gives rules for chimney and other cantilevered structures. Special requirements for lattice towers are not given. Provides rules for highway and railway bridges up to 200 m span, and for cycle track/footbridges up to 30 m span.
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ICS code
91.080.01 Structures Of Buildings In General
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ENV 1991-2-4:1995, IDT
Structures - Architectural design - Building specifications - Bridges - Construction - Compression loading - Eurocodes - Design - Civil engineering - Wind loading - Concrete structures - Construction worksRiveted structures - Welded structures

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