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Withdrawn standard
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Publication date 1994-12-01
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This document is withdrawn and replaced by:
Guidance on the application of EN 29001 and EN 46001 and of EN 29002 and EN 426004 for non-active medical devices
This standard provides guidance on the establishment and maintenance of the Quality Systems defined in EN 29001/EN 46001 or EN 29002/EN 46002 for the manufacture of non-active medical devices. It does not add to, or otherwise change the requirements of those standards and it is not intended to be used for the assessment of a manufacturer's quality system. This standard provides examples of how to meet the requirements, recognising that other methods which achieve the same ends are equally acceptable; gives general advice on how to meet the requirements that may not be readily apparent to those unfamiliar with quality systems for medical devices.
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Registration date
CEN/TC 205
ICS code
03.120.99 Other Standards Related To Quality * 11.040.01 Medical Equipment In General
Related to
EN 724:1994, IDT
Health services - Quality - Quality assurance systems - Medical equipment

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