NEN 3610:2011 nl

Withdrawn standard
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Publication date 2011-03-01
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Basic schema for geo-information - Terms, definitions, relations and general rules for the interchange of information of spatial objects related to the earth
NEN 3610 gives terms, definitions and general rules for the exchange of information about objects. The purpose of this standard is to simplify the exchange of geo-information between parties by means of a common notion of the reality.

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Development programme

NEN 3610:2005 nl
Withdrawn standard
NEN 3610:2010 Ontw. nl
Withdrawn standard
This document
NEN 3610:2011 nl
Withdrawn standard
NEN 3610:2011/A1:2016 nl
Withdrawn standard
Replaced by
NEN 3610:2022 nl
Current standard
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ICS code
01.040.93 Civil Engineering (Vocabularies) * 91.020 Physical Planning. Town Planning
Classification systems - Coding (data conversion) - Codes - Buildings - Information - Maps - Cartography - Logic diagrams - Object identifier - Terminology - Civil engineering - Vocabulary - Construction spaces

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