Core assortment

The core assortment provides access to all Dutch and all European and international standards adopted in the Netherlands. By default you have access to the bibliographic data of these standards. In addition the Publication series on Hazardous Substances (PGS) and a wide selection of NEN standards made available for free by the Government can be accessed in full.

  • All Dutch standards (NEN, NPR, NTA, HKZ)
  • All European and international standards adopted in the Netherlands (NEN-EN, NEN-EN-ISO, NEN-ISO, NEN-EN-IEC and NEN-IEC)
  • All the international standards (ISO and IEC)
  • NEN’s practical guides
  • Publication series on Hazardous Substances (PGS)
  • ISO
  • CEN
  • IEC
  • HKZ
  • NEN

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