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Publication date 2024-06-01
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Road and airfield surface characteristics - Test methods - Part 8: Determination of transverse unevenness and crossfall indices
This document specifies the mathematical processing of digitized transverse profile measurements to produce indices in the transverse direction for unevenness, other defects and crossfall. The document describes the calculation methods of the indices such as irregularities (1) rut depth, (2) ridge height, (3) water depth and area, crossfall and how to evaluate and report the indices. It also describes possibilities to do further analysis to examine defects and problems on the road that can be seen in the transverse profile. The latter is described in Annex E, Other transverse indices (edge deformation/edge slump, crossfall line, rut area and width and the distance between the rut bottoms). The quantified evenness indices derived from this document are useful support for quality control of newly laid pavement surfaces, especially with respect to the evidence of irregularities due to improper laying and/or compacting actions. It is also useful for evaluating the condition of pavements in service as part of routine condition monitoring programs, and finally as indices to be used for maintenance planning of resurfacing activities on pavements in use. The derived indices are portable in the sense that they can be obtained from transverse profiles measured with any suitable instrument. All indices described in this document are related to the actual lane and direction of the road at which the measurement is done.

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NEN-EN 13036-8:2024 Ontw. en
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