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Publication date 2024-06-01
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Sanitary tapware - Low pressure thermostatic mixing valves - General technical specification
This document specifies general construction, performance and material requirements for PN 10 thermostatic mixing valves (TMV) and includes test methods for the verification of mixed water temperature performance at the point of use below 45 °C. This does not exclude the selection of higher temperatures where available. When these devices are used to provide anti-scald protection for children, elderly and disabled persons the mixed water temperature needs to be set at a suitable bathing temperature (body temperature - 38 °C) as children are at risk to scalding at lower temperatures than adults. This does not obviate the need for supervision of young children during bathing.It applies to valves intended for use on sanitary appliances in kitchens, washrooms (incl. all rooms with sanitary tapware, e.g. toilet and cloakrooms) and bathrooms operating under the conditions specified in Table 1.This document allows TMVs to supply a single outlet or a small number of outlets in a “domestic” application (e.g. one valve, controlling a shower, bath, basin and/or, bidet), excluding valves specifically designed for supplying a large number of outlets (i.e. for institutional use).The tests described are type tests (laboratory tests) and not quality control tests carried out during manufacture.

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NEN-EN 1287:2024 Ontw. en
Draft standard
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CEN/TC 164
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91.140.70 Sanitary Installations
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Buildings - Sanitary appliances - Water supply (buildings) - Potable water - Water supply and waste systems (buildings) - Drinking-water installations - Domestic pipework systems - Technical documents - Specifications

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