NEN-EN 17240:2023 Ontw. en

Draft standard
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Publication date 2023-11-01
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Intelligent transport systems - ESafety - ECall end to end conformance testing for IMS packet switched based systems
This document specifies the key actors in the eCall chain of service provision using IMS over packet switched networks (such as LTE, 5G and their successors) as: 1) In-Vehicle System (IVS)/vehicle, 2) Mobile Network Operator (MNO), 3) Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), and to provide conformance tests for actor groups 1) - 3). This document therefore provides a suite of ALL conformance tests for IVS equipment, MNO’s, and PSAPs, required to ensure and demonstrate compliance to CEN/TS 17184. The scope covers conformance testing of new engineering developments, products and systems, and does not imply testing associated with individual installations in vehicles or locations.
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CEN/TS 17240:2018 en
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NEN-EN 17240:2023 Ontw. en
Draft standard
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CEN/TC 278
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35.240.60 It Applications In Transport
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prEN 17240:2023, IDT
Information technology - Land transport - Commerce - Electronic commerce

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