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Publication date 2023-05-01
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Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Stainless steel
This document specifies product characteristic test/assessment method and the way of expressing test results for stainless steel as defined in EN 10088-1:2014 and designated as in EN 10088-1:2014 for the use of the reinforcement of concrete. It applies to stainless steel products with ribbed or indented surfaces, which are in the form of: - bars and coils (rod, wire); - sheets of factory-made machine-welded fabric; - lattice girders and hybrid lattice girders composed by stainless steel and by weldable reinforcing steel according to prEN 10080:2023. Steels according to this document have a ribbed, indented or smooth surface. This document does not apply to: - pre-stressed stainless steels; - indented strip; - stainless steel tube filled with carbon steel swarf, which is then hot or cold reduced; - stainless steel smooth bar with weld material deposited on it; - galvanized reinforcing steel; - epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.
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CEN/TC 459/SC 4
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77.140.15 Steels For Reinforcement Of Concrete
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prEN 10370:2023, IDT
Metallurgy - Steels - Concretes - Reinforcement - Metals - Stainless steels - Rolled steels - Steel constructionSteel frames - Concrete foundations - Concrete beam and slab floors - Concrete roofs - Concrete lamp posts - Ready-mixed concrete

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