Release notes June 2020

To make managing and working with NEN Connect easier we have rolled out a new release. Apart from several buxfixes, we have implemented several big improvements in NEN Connect.

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  • Improved display of search results

    The new search results display makes it even easier and quicker to find the correct version of a standard. From now on, a standard is clearly grouped on editions with the different versions within them.  
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  • New module: Link with Laws and Regulations

    Standards and legislation are in some cases quite intertwined

    In cooperation with the Government (KOOP) it his has now been linked and made transparent. If laws and regulations refer to a standard, a report will be shown on the relevant standards page in NEN Connect. But also the other way around, laws and regulations on will have a reference to the standards on NEN Connect.
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  • Import of the HTML versions of ISO standards

    NEN Connect will be technically capable of displaying ISO standards in HTML as well. In the course of the month after the release, more than 27,000 ISO standards and national adopted ISO standards will also be available in HTML.  

  • Single sign on to NEN web tools

    From now on, users with licenses on a NEN web tool can also access this tool via NEN Connect. Once logged in to NEN Connect, they can go directly to the following web tools: 
    • Werken met NEN 1010
    • Werken met NEN 3140

    Bug fixes

    A number of bugs have also been fixed with this release, such as:

    • The HTML standard is properly displayed again in Internet Explorer.
    • A password no longer has a maximum length.
    • Logging in for Surfconext users now also works in the NEN Connect app.
    • Business administrators can now also change the role of SSO users.

    Watch the demo for the new release

    How can we improve NEN Connect even further?

    We would love to hear from you how we can further develop NEN Connect.

    With kind regards,
    The NEN Connect team