Inviting your users

The text below is an example you can use to inform your colleagues and company about the use of NEN Connect. Of course you can change the text to your own liking.


  • You add users manually
  • Your users have to request access to your license(s)


Subject line for emails:

All standards, always up-to-date via NEN Connect for [Enter Company Name].


Body text:

Dear colleague,

[Enter Company Name] has a license for NEN Connect, NEN’s online platform for using standards. This ensures that we always have the latest standards at our disposal.

NEN Connect can be accessed via the Internet from any computer and offers many possibilities such as:

  • NEN Connect app (also for offline use)
  • Being automatically informed of changes
  • Mark standards as personal favorites
  • Indicate which standards must not be removed
  • Specific users can take on the role of Expert and create and manage so called subcollections, for example for special projects.

In order to use NEN Connect, you will soon receive an email from the platform to complete your registration. After completing your registration you will be automatically connected to the company account of [Enter Company Name]. Once you are logged in you will need to request access to our license(s).

NEN Connect is very easy to use. Please check for more information.

The contact person for NEN Connect in our company is:
[fill in contact person]