STEP 1: Completion of setting up your company account

As soon as you have completed your personal registration as an administrator, you can add the finishing touches to get your company account completely in order.

Go to “My company > Settings"

Using your company account

In less than 15 minutes you can set up your company account for your colleagues.

STEP 1: Completion of setting up the company account

STEP 2: Monitoring access

STEP 3: Inviting users

1. Add your company logo

With a company logo you not only ensure that your branding is in order, but your colleagues can also immediately see whether they are properly linked to the company account. This logo is also shown in the NEN Connect app.

2. Link to company website

You can add a link to the logo so that your colleagues can be directed to a specific page. For example, an intranet page with more information about NEN Connect for your company.

NEN Connect Settings_Logo and link

3. Add a contact message

The company administrator can enter his contact details here. Users will see this text when they click on 'Contact' (top right). This information also appears on the homepage of NEN Connect for a user. Depending on the user's language choice, the Dutch or English text will be shown. Company administrators themselves have a different contact details.

4. Document request text

In addition to adding contact details, you can also add a line of text that will be shown to your users when they request a standard. For example, you can report special instructions or conditions that apply to your company.

NEN Connect Settings_Contact details